18 December 2017
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Eurostat: Greek public debt increases to 179,2% of GDP

25 October 16 |
The public debt grew in 13 EU member-states in the second quarter compared with the first quarter of 2016.

Greek budgets records primary €5,44B surplus

25 October 16 |
The figures for the January-September period that regular budget net revenue surpassed targets by €1,483B.

25,4% of Government's revenues are generated from taxes

24 October 16 |
Greek general government revenues from income and property taxes amounted to €5.244 billion in the second quarter of 2016.

Prices for building materials down 1,7% in September

21 October 16 |
The statistics service, in a report, said the building materials' price index was down 1.9 pct in the 2015-2014 period.

Current accounts record a surplus of €430M

21 October 16 |
The surplus of the services balance dropped by 1.9 billion euros year-on-year, due to a significant decline in net transport receipts.

Industrial turnover modestly up in August

20 October 16 |
The domestic turnover index grew 6.6 pct in August, while the external market index fell 8.7%.

General government deficit reaches 7,5% of GDP

20 October 16 |
Eurostat says the country's public debt totaled €311.7 billion or 177.4% of GDP.

Central government cash balance deficit settles at €1,14M

19 October 16 |
Ordinary budget expenditure, including expenditure of about €2,029 million.

Loan demand stable in the third quarter of 2016

19 October 16 |
The terms and conditions for loans to NFCs remained unchanged in the third quarter of 2016.

Greek merchant vessels up 0,1% in August

18 October 16 |
Greek fleet capacity grew 0.5% in August versus the same month a year ago.
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