16 January 2018
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Deposits in Greek banks increase modestly in June

27 July 17 |
The central bank, in a monthly report, said that the annual growth rate of total credit extended to the economy stood at -1.8% in June.

Greek primary surplus at €1.936B in 1H2017

24 July 17 |
On the other hand, individual income tax revenue was down 3.7% in the January-June period.

Greece's current account deficit up €124M

21 July 17 |
It should be noted that non-oil exports of goods rose by 15.3% and oil exports by 17.5% at constant prices.

European debt to GDP ratio soars to 89,5%

20 July 17 |
The highest ratios of government debt to GDP at the end of the first quarter of 2017 were recorded in Greece, Italy and Portugal.

Industrial turnover index increases 19% in May

20 July 17 |
The statistics service, in a report, said the index was up 9.1% in May from April 2017.

Greek state budget records €434M deficit in 1H2017

19 July 17 |
The central bank said the budget deficit on a cash basis was 890 million euros in the January-June period this year from a deficit of 526 million in 2016.

State arrears to the private sector modestly improved in May

18 July 17 |
Funding approvals for payment of pending tax returns totaled €70 million in the January-May period.

Industrial import price index jumps 4% in May

14 July 17 |
The general index was down 1.1% in May from April 2017.

Greek merchant shipping fleet up in May

14 July 17 |
The statistics service said that the capacity of the Greek merchant shipping fleet also grew 0.2% in May.

Greece issues 3M Tbills, raises €812,5M

13 July 17 |
The ministry said that in last month’s auction bids submitted were 1.30 times more than the asked sum.
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