15 December 2017
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Euro area member countries need to further integrate

27 January 16 | Benoit Coeure
“At this juncture using fiscal space would speed up the euro area’s return to growth and support the ECB’s objective of medium-term price stability”, says Benoît Cœuré.

A Year of sovereign defaults?

25 January 16 | Carmen Reinhart
As 2016 begins, there are clear signs of serious debt/default squalls on the horizon. We can already see the first white-capped waves. For some sovereigns, the main problem stems from internal debt dynamics.

Blackstone's Byron presents his list of Ten Surprises for 2016

22 January 16 | Byron Wien
This is the 31st year Byron R. Wien, Vice Chairman of Multi-Asset Investing at Blackstone, has given his views on a number of economic, financial market and political surprises for the coming year.

Greece can depend on European solidarity

18 January 16 | Joachim Gauck
Referring to the refugee crisis, the German president described it as a critical situation and said there was room for improving European solidarity on this issue.

We must keep our promises!

13 January 16 | Yiannis Stournaras
Mr. Stournaras estimated that capital controls will be probably lifted within the year provided that there is a positive evaluation of the Greek program.

Apparently the Greek crisis is not over yet!

07 January 16 | Tim Worstall
The Greek pension system has always been a bone of contention in the talks between Greece and its lenders.

BoG: Greek Economy at the crossroads

04 January 16 | Yiannis Stournaras
Rationalizing taxes attributed to farmers and complete social security reforms are of extreme importance for the Greek recovery program.

Foreclosures have no "appeal" to bankers

28 December 15 | Luca Katseli
Hellenic Bank Association president and National Bank's chief claims that non-operating debtors have now their chance.

We support EU coast and border guard units

18 December 15 | Francois Hollande
“We have to protect the EU’s external borders,” he told journalists in Brussels.

Unsustainable Greek debt is a deterrent for investors

14 December 15 | Klaus Regling
The debt solution for Greece would not involve a nominal haircut but an attempt to make its profile "gentler", Regling emphasized.
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