17 December 2017
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3,5% primary surplus for Greece is not a sustainable target

15 April 16 | Cristine Lagarde
The International Monetary Fund’s chief, Christine Lagarde, expressed her worries on the feasibility of Greek program’s fiscal targets.

Many people have lost trust in European Union

13 April 16 | Martin Schulz
The German politician suggested Britain quitting the EU on June 23 will lead to a number of other member states also demanding their own in/out referendum.

NPLs' restructuring will be the key to restart the economy

08 April 16 | Luca Katseli
The Greek banker noted that channeling funds to the real economy with sustainable terms, requires the development of new innovative funding tools.

We aim to conclude Greek program’s 1st evaluation asap

04 April 16 | Margaritis Schinas
The European Commission wishes Greece's first program review to be concluded as soon as possible, its spokesman Margaritis Schinas said.

There are risks ahead but Greek banks are in better capital position

24 March 16 | Yiannis Stournaras
The existing bank supervision framework has to be reviewed, Greece’s Central Bank Governor emphasized in an event hosted by the Bank of Croatia in Zagreb.

Europe has a "communal solution" on the refugees' problem

18 March 16 | Francois Hollande
French President Francois Hollande said he will demand a "comprehensive" agreement on Turkey.

Cisco considers Greece an investment opportunity

16 March 16 | Michael Ganser
Senior vice-president of Cisco Central Europe, expressed his confidence in the Greek market and said he expected that the country will manage to overcome the crisis.

April the 15th, the discussions on the Greek public Debt's haircut

15 March 16 | Yiannis Stournaras
Greece’s Central Bank Governor said that the talks on the reduction of the Greek state debt are to be started in the spring according to Eurogroup’s commitment.

Businesses in Greece have to be supported

11 March 16 | Sir Suma Chakrabarti
EBRD President Sir Suma Chakrabarti noted that the country faces huge challenges although there have been many promising signs observed.

Hard work is needed, lots of issues still pending

10 March 16 | Angel Gurria
OECD secretary general Angel Gurria emphasized that social growth must be at the center of the economic development in Greece.
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