19 January 2018
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At first, we have to produce wealth

28 November 16 | Fessas Theodore
Fessas underlined the need for a new social contract and the exploitation of all available investment tools in the country.

Eurozone have to fulfill its commitments to Greece

08 November 16 | Michel Sapin
Michel Sapin said Greece has promoted to a large extend the reforms and therefore a debt arrangement has to be fulfilled for Greece.

Adjusting to Disruptive Change

24 October 16 | Byron Wien
Blackstone’s VP Mr. Byron Wien comments on this year’s conclusions on the economy and its outlook.

Euro crisis is going to get worse

07 October 16 | Joseph Stiglitz
A world’s most renowned economists explains why he believes Euro has an adverse effect in the EU’s unity formation.

Tax incentives are now more than necessary

04 October 16 | Jason Perdios
Louis Hotels CEO said that taxation combined with high social insurance contributions and constant changes in tax legislation are a heavy burden on investments.

Greece is being transformed into a regional energy hub

30 September 16 | Panos Skourletis
Environment and Energy Minister said the country is making a serious effort to transform its production in a way to promote common social benefit.

Greek cruise sector has a great potential ahead

19 September 16 | Κυριάκος Αναστασιάδης
Chief executive of Celestyal Cruises said Celestyal Cruises plans to add new destinations in its schedule for 2018.

Towards a gigabit society

16 September 16 | Charis Broumidis
Through digital infrastructure of hyper-fast speeds, resistant in time, these new technologies promise fund saving and a better life for everyone, Vodafone CEO argues.

We need more solidarity

14 September 16 | Jean-Cl. Juncker
Juncker proposes to have the size of his signature investment plan doubled to €630 billion.

The only realistic GDP growth target for Greece is 2%

02 September 16 | George Houliarakis
The country’s Finance ministry will launch a pilot programme to save funds which will pave the way for lower taxes and higher social spending.
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