24 February 2018
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Undoubtedly difficult days ahead

01 July 15 | Angela Merkel
German Chancellor addressing herself to the Parliament said that no negotiation with Greece would be able prior to Sunday’s vote.

You have to create the circumstances to stay in the Eurozone

30 June 15 | Wolfgang Schäuble
German Finance Minister said that it is up to Greece to avoid a Grexit and bankruptcy.

A Greek Deal is both Possible and necessary

25 June 15 | Francois Hollande
The French President insisted that partners are not far from a deal.

Is Greece in worst position than the one of US's in 1933?

23 June 15 | Tom Keene
Greeks are most certainly experiencing some form of "Great Contraction" or "Great Recession."

You would better stop playing with our future!

23 June 15 | Gianni Pittella
The President of the European Socialists accused conservative circles within EU for putting at risk all EU-states’ future.

You will never be able to repay your debt unless it is written down!

19 June 15 | Helmut Schmidt
The former Chancellor of West Germany expressed his disappointment about Europe’s future.

Why Greece Should Reject the Latest Offer from Its Creditors

18 June 15 | Philippe Legrain
The former economic advisor to the president of the European Commission (2011-2014) explains in Foreing Policy why Greek situation frame is utterly misleading.

"I find any predictions premature"

17 June 15 | Jeroen Dijsselbloem
Eurogroup chairman explained that chances of reaching a decision on Thursday’s Eurogroup are very small.

IMF said this is a "quite possibly not sustainable" debt!

16 June 15 | Panagiotis Roumeliotis
“Responsibility weighs not only on our country which didn’t do what should have been done, but also our partners,” Greece’s former representative to the IMF said.

Fundraising is getting tougher and tougher for "AdTechs"

12 June 15 | Mike Shields
Ad tech has become synonymous with relatively low margin, campaign-driven models, which yields poor exit multiples.
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