23 February 2018
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Greece has chances to be part of ECB's QE

08 May 17 |
The real economy is showing some positive signs, Economy and Development Minister Dimitri Papadimitriou said.

Interest rate spread at 4,16% in March

08 May 17 |
The central bank, in a monthly report said the average lending interest rate eased by 0.06% in March.

Mrs. Tsitsogiannopoulou is HRADF's new chairwoman

05 May 17 |
The Board of Directors elected Mrs. Lila Tsitsogiannopoulou as Chair of the BoD.

Hellenic Sugar Industry reports €22,9M profits in Serbia units

05 May 17 |
For the current year EBITDA is expected to surpass €35 million and EBIT to reach €31 million.

AB Vasilopoulos wins European distinction

05 May 17 |
AB Vasilopoulos won the "Business of the Year Award with Turnover of €150 million or higher" for showing excellent economic results.

Eurolife premium production jumps 62%

04 May 17 |
Eurolife ERB said its market share was 13 pct in 2016, of which life insurance was 22%.

Moody's: a Greek debt relief has now more chances

04 May 17 |
The credit rating firm said the basic positive of the agreement is that it would likely lead to further debt relief.

HRADF declares the sales of LITO hotel

04 May 17 |
"ASTERAS 2020" Company had bid for "LITO" in the framework of electronic auction.

J&P-Avax reports €43,2M loss in 2016

03 May 17 |
The group said 2016 results were burdened by extra and non-operating charges worth €59.3 million.

8,8% increase in working hours for Greek SMEs

03 May 17 |
ΕSEE and GSEVEE urged all political parties to present their position on the opening of stores 32 Sundays annually and urged the government to present a clear plan by May 7.
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