23 February 2018
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Olympic Brewery appoints new VP

11 May 17 |
Alexandros Karafyllidis taking over as Vice President Challenger Markets Western Europe in Carlsberg Group and as Chairman of the supervisory board of Olympic Brewery.

AEDC bids for Attica Bank’s NPLs portfolio

11 May 17 |
Seven candidates participated in the tender procedure, of which three were eligible with Attica Bank's plan.

Ηigher sales volumes for Titan Group

11 May 17 |
The US market continues to constitute the main regional growth driver for the Group.

OTE Group reports 3,5% jump in revenues

11 May 17 |
Mobile telephony services fell 1.2 pct in the quarter, while revenue from data services grew 19%.

Coca Cola Hellenic reports 5,2% increase in net revenue

11 May 17 |
The volume of sales in developed markets eased 2.2%, in developing markets the volume of sales eased 3.6%.

Pillarstone was authorized to manage NPL exposures in Greece

11 May 17 |
First independent corporate NPE platform to receive the formal Bank of Greece license.

Lidl Hellas deploys €100M investment plan in 2017

10 May 17 |
New generation stores are the basic part of the company's investment plan.

Greece issues 3month Tbills, raises €1,2B

10 May 17 |
The interest rate of the issue was set at 2.70%, unchanged from the previous auction.

Public launches new B2B Public Office service

09 May 17 |
Public Office is supported by a specialized group on B2B in 50 stores around the country and 41 agents in its call center.

Greece and its creditors ink Supplemental MoU

09 May 17 |
The Government commits to consult and agree with the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund on all actions relevant for the achievement of the objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding before these are finalized and legally adopted.
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