22 November 2017
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Greek annual inflation rate to 0,9% in June

17 July 17 |
In comparison with May 2017, the inflation rate fell in 18 member-states, it remained unchanged in three and rose in six.

MIG declares premature repayment of €375M bond issue

17 July 17 |
Under the terms of the convertible bond, MIG will pay to bondholders both the capital and the interest.

NBG inks deal with 3 research institutions in Greece

14 July 17 |
This year is expected to be a year of mild recovery, but positive omens and encouraging developments will not be enough, National Bank's CEO said.

"Recapitalizations" ...are never enough

14 July 17 |
Greek Banks will henceforth charge customers a commission when they pay their taxes at bank branches in cash.

Greek economy is expected to grow by 1.5% in 2017

12 July 17 |
Moody's expects Greece's debt burden to stabilise this year and start declining slowly from next year onwards, reaching 176% of GDP in 2018.

Citi Greece distinguishes as Best Investment Bank in Greece

12 July 17 |
Citi Greece was named the most successful channel of foreign investments in Greece, combining successfully knowledge and experience.

Jumbo reports 6,88% jump in sales for 2016

11 July 17 |
Sales in Greece rose around 1.5%, in Cyprus sales grew around 2%.

ESM disburses €7,7B, the first of the third tranche

11 July 17 |
The first disbursement under this tranche will amount to €7.7 billion, and is expected to be made by the ESM on Monday.

MIG Holding issues €460M convertible bond

11 July 17 |
The new convertible bond loan will be listed for trading in the Athens Stock Exchange.

Commission offers Greece €6,58M for emergency aid

11 July 17 |
The European Commission said that the extra funds will be given to the UNHCR to provide services such as food, water and drainage.
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