18 December 2017
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Greek state considers issuing shipping corporate bonds

23 June 17 |
The issue was discussed during a meeting at the Merchant Shipping ministry with officials from the Capital Market Commission, Finance ministry, the Bank of Greece, and others.

Municipal sanitation workers on strike for 2 more weeks

23 June 17 |
POE-OTA union said they will continue their sit-in in municipal truck depots and blockade of landfills at least until next Thursday, will abstain from work this weekend.

IMF: Greece's primary surplus targets need adjustment

23 June 17 |
Rice said the 3.5% target Greece has to sustain until 2022 is realistic but then, the number should be lowered to 1.5%.

ECB lowers ELA ceiling available to Greece

22 June 17 |
ELA mechanism for Greek banks decreased by €600 million to 43.6 billion by Wednesday, 5 July 2017.

Alpha Bank repays in full government rescue funds

21 June 17 |
Alpha Bank noted, as of the 20th of June, the bank was not subject any longer to the provisions and the relevant restrictions of Law 3723/2008.

Cadena+asociados, a "different" grillhouse

21 June 17 |
Cadena+asociados‘ restaurant features smoked braces, wood and raw steel, shaping the monochromatic material palette of carboncabron.

Hellas Gold to inaugurate Olympiada mines on September, 15

21 June 17 |
Hellas Gold said representatives of the state, local authorities and workers will attend the inauguration ceremony.

Dairy industry Dodoni says exports increased 40%

21 June 17 |
The company welcomed 74 high-ranking executives of Albert Heijn, the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands.

HRADF offloads land plot in Rhodes for €4,242M

20 June 17 |
“RODIAKI HOTEL COMPANY KATRH S.A.” - “REKSEKA” offered the highest amount of 4.242.000.

Registered unemployment drops 4,04% in May

20 June 17 |
OAED said the number of registered unemployed people (seeking jobs) was down 34,976 in May.
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